Age Requirement

UpdatedSunday November 4, 2018 bySam Clift.

We accept players at age 3 and continue to age 14. Players must be this age January 1st of the year they play with GAS. 

This means that if your player is 3 years old Jan. 1st then they can play with our organization, if they are 15 Jan. 1st they are not allowed to play with us as a player. They are allowed and encouraged to be involved with our program, we have lots of opportunities to assist coaching, officiating and field maintenance. We're starting a scholarship fund and those that played and served this program will have a chance to be rewarded with our yearly scholarship.

Playing Up: A player is allowed to Play Up two age groups, but is never allowed to Play Down for any reason. 

This means that if your player is 8 years old Jan. 1st they would play in our 8U division but can choose to Play Up in our 10U division, but they won't be allowed to Play Down in our 6U Tee-Ball division