Kickball League Rules

UpdatedSunday November 4, 2018 bySam Clift.

Kickball Rules



1) THIS IS A COED LEAGUE, at least 3 women must be on the field at all time.

a. Teams must have a minimum of 5 players to start and finish the game.

b. A maximum of 12 players rostered, only players rostered are allowed to play. Only players that have paid the registration fee may be rostered. No automatic out will be applied if there are at least 7 players on the field. Only 7 players required on defense but 10 will be allowed.

c. The complete roster will be allowed to Kick. The kicking order must alternate male/female, with any doubling occurring at the end of the order.


1) Home team will occupy the 3rd base dugout and will be listed on the schedule second after the @ symbol. Game time begins when the umpire announces it's time to begin. The umpire will keep track of game start time to avoid any discrepancies.

2) At the scheduled game time, if either/both team(s) is short the minimum number of players required, a grace period of 10 minutes will be given. Once both teams have reached the minimum amount of players required, the game will begin immediately. Grace period time will be deducted from the game playing time.

3) Game time limits are 7 innings or 55 minutes with no new innings beginning after 55 minutes of play.


Run rule are 12 runs after 3 innings of play, 10 runs after four innings of play, and 8 runs after 5 innings of play. Tie ballgames can occur if teams have the same amount of runs when 7 innings are played or when time expires. If this is to occur, each team will be awarded ½ of a win to be added to total win/loss record.



1) The pitched ball must travel slowly. The umpire will determine the legal speed. Any pitch traveling too fast will be considered illegal.

2) The ball may either be rolled across the plate or tossed so that it bounces. A pitch that bounces higher than 1 foot, at the plate, will be called a ball.

3) The pitcher must release the ball at, or behind the 1st - 3rd diagonal (marked), and must remain behind this line until the ball is kicked. Failure to follow this guideline will result in a ball being called.

4) The catcher must stand behind the kicker and may not cross home plate before the ball is kicked. The 1st and 3rd baseman can play at the 30ft. hash mark. No other fielders may cross the 1st - 3rd diagonal until the ball is kicked. Outfielders must remain on the outfield grass until the ball is kicked.

5) Only the catcher may position themselves in foul territory.

6)No fielder can field the ball inside the five foot arc. The ball is not playable unless kicked past the five foot arc.



1) All kicks must occur at or behind home plate.

2) Balls and strikes will be called (3 strikes/4 balls). The strike zone is defined as 1 foot on each side of the plate and no more than 1 foot above the plate.



a. A ball within the strike zone that is either not kicked or missed by the kicker.

b. A kick from in front of home plate will result in the defensive coach's option of calling a strike or taking the result of the play.

c. A foul ball.

a. A pitch outside the strike zone.

b. An illegal pitch.

c. Called when any fielder advances past the diagonal before the ball is kicked.

3) A kicker can foul out. Four (4) foul balls constitute an out.

4) Bunting is allowed provided the ball travels more than 5 feet from home plate. Furthermore, if the ball fails to travel at least five feet, or if a fielder is able to control the ball within 5 feet, it will be considered a foul ball.



1) No lead offs or stealing is allowed. The runner must remain on the base until the ball is kicked. Violation of this rule will result in the runner being called out.

2) Base runners must remain in the "base path" when running from base to base.

3) A runner will be called out if they are hit with the ball below the shoulders. Any runner hit above the shoulders is awarded the base. If a runner intentionally uses their head to block the ball (umpire's discretion) they will be called out.

4) Runners may advance NO MORE than one base on any overthrow. For example, a runner may only advance to second base on an overthrow at first.


1) Three (3) outs by a team constitutes a half inning.


a. A count of 3 strikes or a combination of fouls and strikes up to 4. (e.g., A kicker has two strikes by missed kicks, if they foul 2 off consecutively, the batter will be out.)

b. A runner is touched by the ball at any time while not in contact with the base.

c. A force out at any base.

d. Any kicked ball, fair or foul, that is caught.

e. A runner being off the base before the ball is kicked.



1) Once the pitcher is in control of the ball, in the infield, play will stop.

2) Official softball rules will apply when pertaining to;

a. Fair VS. foul ball, once kicked.

b. Tagging up.

c. The baseline.

d. Base coaches.



1) GAS will provide the official game ball.

2) Metal cleats are prohibited.

3) All exposed jewelry judged unsafe by the umpire should not be worn. Exception; medical alert bracelets and necklaces.



GAS will reschedule all games if games are called due to inclement weather. You'll be notified by text by 4:00pm of game day if inclement weather is suspected.