Volleyball Information

UpdatedWednesday July 10, 2019 bySam Clift.



Ages 7-12 and up to 15 years old will register and play in Edmond’s YMCA league. You as a coach/parent, your player will follow all of their rules and scheduled games that YMCA will lay out. We’ll work to secure practices here in Guthrie. Players older then 12 will become Club teams following OKRVA and AAU rules and regulations along with guidelines set by Guthrie Volleyball Club. For these ages groups we’ll also be working to secure practice here in Guthrie as well as participate in OKRVA or AAU’s regulated tournament circuit. This is the information I have at this time, stay connected for updates as we continue working towards our goal of bringing Volleyball to our area.


Register with Guthrie VBC

Register with Rankin YMCA

Register with OKRVA USA VB

Register with AAU VB